CroyBilt Rotary Pleating MachineCroyBilt’s Rotary Pleating Machines

Rotary pleating machines have been the machine of choice by most automotive filter manufacturers for the past several decades due to their high-speed pleating capability. In fact many industrial filter manufacturers have adopted this pleating style as well when working with cellulose Medias or even cellulose-synthetic blends commonly referred to as “80/20”. If you currently use cellulose based medias and require high-speed, fast-changeover and high-reliability, please contact us today.


Servo Driven Rotary Pleating Machine
Variable Pleat height range with 1 score head (standard range from 1.500” – 3.000”, other ranges available on request)
With or without “Pleat-Lock” scoring patterns (custom patterns are welcome)
Pre-Heat & Post Heat Standard with individual controls
Integrated Roll Lift
Standard operating speeds between 300 – 500 pleats/minute
Pleat Height, Pleat Count, Batch Count, Marking System all integrated on self-contained PLC
Standard width of 39”

Produce Pleat Packs such as these:
  • pleat slide 1
  • pleat slide 2
  • pleat slide 3