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Banding Machines

CroyBilt Banding MachineCroyBilt’s Banding Machines

Filter support bands are used to help stabilize the pleat spacing around the diameter of a cartridge filter. Support bands are commonly used when filters are exposed to high pressure in either air or liquid applications such as pool & spa filter applications or dust-collector filters where pulse-jet cleaning might be used.


Banding machine applies Polyester (or similar) support bands to the outer diameter of industrial filters.
Can apply a various number of bands to each filter at user specified locations
Extremely quick and easy setup by positioning mechanical stops on a linear rail to indicate band position
Can accommodate filter lengths from 5.00” – 86.00” and Diameters ranging from 6.00” – 20.00”
More than 1 filter can be in-process at one time
Bands are automatically glued, applied to filter, and cut-to-length based on operator input
Includes Nordson Hotmelt System
Requires 240V, 3-Phase, 50/60Hz with 80psi Air supply
Standard Machine Dimensions: 55” x 120” x 40” / 660lbs

Product Pleat Packs such as these: