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Mini-Pleating Machines

CroyBilt Mini Pleating MachineCroyBilt’s Mini-Pleating Machines

Mini-Pleating Machines are typically used to produce HEPA or ULPA grade filters by pleating glass fiber filter media and applying a glue-bead separator for perfect pleat spacing. These filters typically range in pleat height from .750” to 4.00” but there are many new applications in the marketplace for taller pleat depths reaching as tall as 12.00”. Please note we can also offer a customized pleating solution to apply hotmelt glue-beads to full synthetic filtration Medias which cannot be pleated on traditional mini-pleat machines.


Servo-Driven Mini-Pleating Machine with optional Recipe control system
Integrated Scoring System with pleat height ranges from 12.7mm – 300mm
Glue system capable of many different glue bead patterns such as continuous, stitching, Zig Zag, etc
Easy-to-adjust, Integrated Slitting with either Perforation of Full-Cut knives
Separate control over each glue module
Integrated Roll Lift with braking system
Built on extremely robust steel frame with Blanchard ground mounting surfaces
High-reliability and best price to performance ratio in the industry
Can be coupled with Blade Pleating Machine for a fully-synthetic mini-pleating operation
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Product Pleat Packs such as these: