Our Current Inventory of Used Pleating Equipment

**SOLD** USED CroyBilt Mini-Pleater:


Mini-Pleating Machines are typically used to produce HEPA or ULPA grade filters by pleating glass fiber filter media and applying a glue-bead separator for perfect pleat spacing.

Pleat Height Capability –Up to 11.8in (20mm-100mm) on glass and synthetic media
Media Working Width -37.4in (950mm)
Production Speed – Up to 15 meters/min
Glue Nozzles – 38 per side, 25mm spacing
Glue Capacity – (2) 132lbs melting tanks


USED 4″ Mechanical Blade Pleater:

• Pleating height range:8~100mm, pleat height adjusted manually
• Max. width: 1000 mm
• Max. speed: 45 pleats/min – depends on material and pleat height
• Post-heat: Has upper and lower post heat hotplates on the out-feed side. Surface of hotplates to operate at temperatures up to 175C (350F), Include individual controllers and digital displays with timed auto-retraction feature to avoid risk of fire or damage to media. Hotplates to automatically retract under pleater stop conditions.
• Adjustable media Guide strips on input side.
• Back Pressure: Pneumatically powered by 4 adjustable cylinders
• Ink-Marking device will be provided, counts the pleats by phototube.
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USED Solent Blade Pleater & Slitter:

1000mm Used Solent

1000mm Wide
.500″ – 2.00″ Pleat Heights
Pleat Counter withSpray Mark
3 Set of Blades
Top & Bottom Post Heat
Unwind Stand with Perforator/ Slitter
Central Lube System
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Pleat Seam Gluing Machine:


The machine is applicable for bonding both ends of filter media with hot melt glue. Commonly used to seem pleats for dust collection and gas turbine cartridge filters.

Pleating height range of filter element paper: 14mm~60mm
Minimum height of filter element: 60mm
Maximum production speed: 6m/min, depending on product height
Tank volume of hot –melt applicator: 10L
Total power: 4KW
Working power supply: 220v 50Hz
Working air supply: 0.6MPa
Dimension: 1300mm x 650mm x 1770mm
Weight: 500kg
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**SOLD** USED Spati Rotary Pleater

• Servo Rotary adjustable pleat height
• Media Working Width – 36in (900mm)
• Operating Speed – 300-400ppm
• Exit Feed Cross Cutter
• Pre & Post Heating


USED Rabofsky Cross Cutter:

Width: 1 meter
Electrical: 120V
Safety: Integrated Light Curtains
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